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QUESTION: In my life, my mother recently dated a man who was very kind, or so it seemed. He did nothing wrong at first, but discreetly he was draining her energy, very manipulative, and he had been a bit strange at times.

It turned out he was a registered sex offender and such, and what I thought had been a good man... in short, I believe he wants to kidnap me and do my mother harm.

I found out that he drains the energy from people, and he has given me several objects. By intuition, I wondered if he had possibly enchanted them, and by asking my mother to inspect them, they were. In short, I believe this man has cast on me and he had made me his student.

I would like to know a couple things. Is there a way to free myself from being his student? Is there a way to free myself from his spells? And can I unenchant the items? Is there a way to protect myself and those around me?

I've always been interested in learning magic based on healing and defending people, but I'm still just a novice. However, this man is extremely dangerous and I've been stressed in trying to figure out a way to protect myself from someone that powerful.. I feel as if there is virtually nothing I can do.

Thank you so, so much!

ANSWER: For the cursed items - if you can - throw them into running water, like a river or ocean.  Or you can bury them.  If you bury them you might want to place it in the hole then pee on it.

For yourself - cleanse with water and salt.  Again living water is best but you can do this in the shower.  Just scrub your entire body down with salt.

Burn sage in the house.  Best if you can get a really good smoke going and use it to fumigate the entire house, every crook and cranny.

You don't give me a gender or and age for yourself.  You cannot be forced to learn.  You cannot be forced to be a student or apprentice.  Just refuse to learn.  My ultimate advice would be to get rid of him or leave yourself.  How does your mother feel about this?  How does she know that the objects were enchanted?

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QUESTION: Thank you for all of this already, and yes, she does know about the enchanted objects. She is also aware of his power and the type of person he is and she has been trying to figure out something of her own as well. We'll definitely take care of the items.

What I meant by being his student, at the time he had asked I agreed but now that things have changed I'm not sure if it still stands. I just know he's dark. Also, I am female and 15, and the way the circumstances are there is a lot that is concerning me.

ANSWER: It's ok to back out of any deal you made with him.  Mom really needs to break up with this guy, but I get that you might be afraid to do that.  I am looking for something that you can use to drive him away.
In the mean time, please don't forget that you - especially as a young girl - can seek the help of your local child protective services office.
Get rid of those suspicious objects right away, and any others he may bring in to replace them.  Try to avoid handling them if you can.

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QUESTION: Yes, she had broken up with him a while back but he'd tried to stay in contact, and we'd called the police- but he's definitely done something as to casting on us.

I tried to salt and there was a difference, and we're going to take care of the objects. However, the man is in jail right now and me and her both believe he's going to start again when he gets out. If it's okay to back out of the deal, I'm glad because originally I thought being someone's student meant forever which I was misinformed.

If there is something to drive him away, we'll definitely try it. Thank you once more!

He's in jail now??  Awesome!

OK...this spell is for hex breaking but it might work here.  Adapt any wording to fit your needs and give this a try.

The Witch’s Jar
These spell directions assume you know basic witchcrafting and the related skills.
The altar space for this spell should be a table with a large mirror on the wall behind it.  The classic bedroom dresser or vanity is perfect.  I know it has been successfully done on a bathroom counter with a wall mirror.  The spell workings must be reflected in the mirror.  You can always just lean a big mirror against the wall on any table.
Preparation for the spell:  For several days ahead of time you will need to go out seeking dirty sharps; broken glass fragments, rusty sharp metal fragments, broken, bent and rusty pins, needles, or nails, anything nasty that you could cut yourself on and get an infection or disease from it.  This does not need to be done at night necessarily.  Be careful – use gloves or tongs.  Put the fragments in a pint size glass mayonnaise or similar size glass jar.  You can really use any size or shape glass jar…but the bigger it is, the harder it is to fill up with sharps.
It is best done on dark moon, but any waning moon will do.
Clean your sacred space…at least the room you will be working in, very well.
Gather all materials for the altar…all basics ritual tools plus the jar, the mirror, three black taper candles, patchouli for burning, three clear rock crystals or large diamonds (best if you have them), a picture of the offending witch (the person who sent the curse)  if you have one.  Don’t forget the essentials like lighters…  Good red wine and enough glasses for all participants plus one to leave on the altar.  I suggest opening it ahead of time.
If you can’t get a photo, you will need a piece of parchment with his/her name written on it.
Crystals or gems should be well cleaned, fully charged and enchanted to the purpose of magnifying energy.
Candles should be blessed and dressed to their purpose.  Patchouli should be enchanted to purpose (message carrying).
Do a ritual cleansing and purification of yourself and any sisters in the circle and the cursed party if they are an outsider.
When ready…lay the circle.  It needs to be a solid, strong circle.  Don’t mess around.  Usually good witches lay clockwise circles…today you are going to lay the circle counterclockwise and when you turn the energy you will turn it counterclockwise.  Call the corners.
Call down your pantheon.   Good choices are goddesses of love and goddesses of justice.
As you open your ritual, use one black candle for the goddess and one for the god.  Light a thick incense of patchouli and bless it to the wind and air and ask it to be a messenger for you.
Now we get out our sharps jar.  We are going to chant something like (change as you see fit)…
“(Name of bad witch) I put you down, I humiliate you, I defeat you”   Say this several times as the cursed person pees into the jar…yes you heard me correctly.  Now close the lid and place the jar before the mirror and put the picture of the bad witch facing into the mirror if you have one.  
Light the third black candle saying “Blessed Be this creature of fire that I light to expose the face of evil.”  Put it close to the jar so it reflects into the mirror.  Place the crystals in a triangle around the candle base with the tip towards the mirror.
Now we turn energy and send it out…the goal is to take whatever energy she is sending you and bounce it back through the mirror onto her.  Again, change the chant to fit your needs.
“Magic bad and magic black, mirror here to send it back, back to you away from me, back to you the pain to see”
When you have chanted and generated energy for as long as you possibly can, holding it contained in the circle until it is like a hurricane force…release it in a burst, like an explosion…see if fly off toward her.  Then do a blessing and ground with the wine.  Then walk off and believe it worked.  It is absolutely essential that you never doubt that it found its target and did its job.  Doubting magick will kill it every time!
You can do this three days in a row, burning the candle one third each night.  You don’t have to do the jar and peeing part every night.  If you used a coven and it was a very powerful release you may not need to repeat it.
You can adjust this to fit your needs but this spell works as written.  Any changes will change the intent and purpose.
Always remember to use ritual techniques to dispose of spell remains – very important.  

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