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Well is hard to give a good idea of what happened.
Basicly me and 3 friends took 1 and 1/4 lsd. We have done it before
always were good experiences, this time was diferent.
The lsd hit us hard and fast we were laughing and having fun, but i felt
like too much energy so i had to leave and sat on the sand trying to keep
my self concious and observe nature, a few minutes later my friends were
entring in a bad trip state and were all like inmovilized and trying to keep
calm, 1 hour later they are better and calm except 1 friend who could not    re-enter a calm state. At this point my friend had a badtrip of 2 days where he could not know where he was, who we were, what cloth he had on,etc and worst. I was with him in every moment trying to help him in being calm letting him know nothing bad was going on, i by by self tried to fight against the dark energy i felt in him, like protecting him with my "power", in that moment we were still on the effects of lsd so i felt my conciousness more powerful. I tried to absorb all the dark energy in one moment and i felt how it entered my body and was too much so i stop doing that by crossing my legs and close the energy circuit. Also along this events me and my friend were talking and talking of various things of our lives, and in one point i felt like telekinesis. In the final part i was desperatly praying because my friend was still on badtrip and had passed more than 24 hours so we were really freaking out cause this is not normal whit drugs, generally the badtrip goes until the drug effect fades off but here the badtrip surpassed the drug effects.

So im writing this more than 1 year later, and every day i fight in my mind trying to recuperate my mental state before of the lsdtrip. Cause i find my self with many changes on my mental state, my mind less sharp, my imagination poorer, my emotions hard to feel. I personally think everything happens for something and this badtrip may have his job to me that i have to work hard for beating this situation and regain my confidence and my inner peace. I wonder what can i do to help me in this situation?
Also this may help my friend which is in a similar state...

Thank you for listening, San
Great Bliss

Hello there,

Unfortunately, I'm unqualified to answer these questions, since I've never done any narcotics. I cannot speak on their effects.

Have you seen a psychologist about this? Reason being, perhaps there is something unsettled about that experience which the brain cannot conceptualise properly - maybe there is something they can do to block that memory from your mind and you'll find your peace like that.

I'm not speaking about medication; I'm talking about a memory blocking session which has been used with rape victims and victims of horrible situations.

Good luck to you!  

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