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I've 2 questions of curiosity to me.
The first concerns familiars.
Are familiars creatures explicitly drawn to/dispatched by Wiccans or do they also attach to some non-Wiccans? I read of opinions on this going various ways.

The second concerns the inheritability of Magical aptitude (inherant ability) outside of its religious practice.
I've heard I've might have inherited certain abilities/aptitude from histories on both sides of My family. That's a pretty cool idea but not certain if it's valid.
I've thoughts that anyone who learns the craft and/or how to apply their skills and practices it will achieve successful results.

First question-  Wicca is a very new religion. Familiars have been recorded for hundreds of years before its existence and I am not aware of any Wiccan tenet that mentions them although Wicca is a very spiritual way of life in which a familiar fits quite well. The familiar relationship is a spiritual relationship between a human spirit and an animal spirit. Some believe the familiar spirit (the animal) to be strictly a spirit being. It may remain in spirit form, taking on an animal like form when it manifests itself or it may take the physical form of an animal. According to most accounts, when it takes the physical form of an animal, these spirits generally choose the same animal over multiple lifetimes. There are many ways a person can get a familiar, here are a few ways -

First, you can inherit a familiar. This may be the strong spirit of an ancient tribal totem or an animal companion of a spiritual ancestor. Many families have a familiar animal that follows them through the generations and attaches itself to the children, the first born, the daughters, the sons, or whatever. This is a familiar that may have absolutely nothing to do with your own spiritual practices.

Next, you can be gifted a familiar. Traditionally, witches were gifted familiars when they were introduced to witchcraft either by a spirit guide or a physical human teacher.

A spiritual person who wants a familiar can do a spell to attract a familiar spirit and enter into a familiar relationship with them.

And finally, a spiritual or magical person may bond closely with an animal on the physical plane and through magical means and agreement between both parties, create a spiritual bond that becomes a familiar relationship allowing the animal to return in spirit form or another body. This takes a great deal of work and training.

Your second question-

Everyone is capable of magic. And everyone is capable of music. Some people are born with a good ear and a natural sense of rhythm and this is definitely heritable, but not a requirement to practice music and even well. There are, after all, deaf musicians and composers who are amazing. My husband is an amazing musician and he frankly resents the idea that his talent is inherited because it implies that he doesn't have to put in hours and hours of practice and trust me, he does.

Likewise, some folks are born with various psychic abilities. Some are more empathic. Some are more sensitive to various energies. Some can talk to spirits. Some can slip out of their bodies very easily. Of course any of this can make magic easier to learn, assuming your learning a branch that's compatible with your talents, but you don't need any special skills to learn magic. Magic is practice, practice, practice, no matter what your innate abilities may be. And there are so many different aspects to magic that I believe everyone's got some innate abilities that could be developed. When I teach magic, I find invariably that some students take well to some lessons while others struggle and then those who struggle find another aspect super easy while the people who were sailing through before hit a block.

And like any talent, magical talent can be wasted. I think there are quite a few people born with natural gifts that never get developed and eventually just atrophy. I'm not just talking about magic either.

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