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Hello! I hope this finds you doing well, Luna!

I just recently got this crazy idea to reinterpret a deck of playing cards for divination purposes from the ground up. I found during divination sessions with myself that the meanings were... inadequate to properly reflect the ordered madness that is the fabric of the universe. So I created my own, using a standard 52 card deck.

If you cant/dont want to answer this I will understand, but I feel like it can articulate a wider range of phenomena. What do you think about this scheme, and do you think it holds any divination potential?

the Hearts are the house of Water, emotion.
the Diamonds are the house of Earth, practicality.
the Clubs are the house of Air, thought.
the Pikes are the house of Fire, force.

The Ace represents, in all houses, a call for reflection and to seek wisdom with the direction dependent on the house.

the numbers, 2 through 10, are separated into three parts of three: Points (2,3,4), Nodes (5,6,7) and States (8,9,10). I chose a scheme of Points, nodes and States because these things are what I deem are essential to any system, mathematical or otherwise. I intuitively feel they are the fabric of reality.
Having said that, a Point is a destination, termination or break. It represents some form of finality. A Node represents a road, connection. It represents change. A State has nothing to do with the prior two but introduces a steady state to add "color" or to give a property to the reading (system, if you will) at large.

Each number in each group, also split into threes, has a positive, neutral, and negative attribute. For example, 2,3,4 in Points: 2 is a positive attribute, 3 is a neutral attribute, 4 is a negative attribute.

So it is now possible to have a positive, negative, or neutral attribute for any of the parts (example: Positive points, Negative state, Neutral Node).

2: Positive Point, Success
3: Neutral Points, change
4: Negative Point, destruction
5: Positive Node, Growth/amplification
6: Neutral Node, Insight (not necessarily good or bad)
7: Negative Node, Stagnation/decimation
8: Positive State, Harmony
9: Neutral State, Chaos
10: Negative state, dissonance

And of course the Jack represents youthful energy, The Queen feminine energy, and the Kind masculine energy with the flavor of the energy determined by the house or other cards in the cast.

So as a quick example, if I were to draw an 8 of Clubs, that could point to harmony of thoughts, balance, intellectual health. If I were to draw a2 of hearts: a success emotionall, possibly relationship wise. A good ending. If I were to draw a 9 of spades, we're looking at a neutral state so chaotic force, possibly raw natural destruction.

Of couse with it simplified like this where each card isnt so specific is it would traditionally be, the unknown can create a higher-resolution image of whats going to happen.

Simply put, what do you think of this?
Sorry it was so long, I made it as short as possible. lol

Hello William,

This is fantastic! I've seen many people do this for themselves; when the traditional forms of divination do not work, they find something more suited to their needs. I do something similar... I ask my cats and they usually are right... I never found the time to create a deck of my own though, so good on you for doing it!

This is a wonderful idea, and it's very well thought out.

I am not your standard reader. I leave the "reading" for the client to do, unless I am reading for myself. I remove myself from its interpretation because only You, the person, really knows the intricate details of your life.

I think you're on to something.

Would you like to write a piece on this and have it hosted on Luna's Grimoire ( I would love to feature you!

Let me know:

Looking forward to your response.

Love and light to you.  

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