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QUESTION: You state in your profile "Most of my work consists of guiding people on how to find spiritual peace in a very chaotic material world" so I felt that you may be able to help me with this.
to put it simply, I hate christianity. I want to throw up every time I see a church. I don't trust christians. I've stopped being close friends with someone when I found out they were christians. Christians abused me and I think the bible is ridiculous. I think the bible is evil and worthless and i hate it so much. This is affecting me negatively and i really need help please!

ANSWER: There is a wide divide between faith and religion.  My faith is my communications and relationships with the spiritual world. A religion is a political organization.
I understand your tendency to hate Christianity.  They are demanding and controlling and think that everyone who is not them should be punished in some way.  Very intolerant in general.  Hate; however, will eat up your heart and cause severe spiritual damage to your soul.  We must not hate.  It is okay to dislike things.  Unfortunately Christianity is the predominant religion in America so it is going to be impossible to avoid them completely.  I would recommend that you be selective about Christians and not judge them all equally.  Some of them are ok!
As for the Bible, while it may have been inspired originally by spiritual events, it was written by man and has been used by the religions to control the populous.  If you feel this was about it, don't read it.

Ultimately, while I understand how you can feel this way, it is vital for you to find spiritual balance within yourself.  Hate is crippling and will dig in and surround you with negativity.  What is causing your trouble is not Christianity but the reaction to it that you are allowing yourself to have.  Do not allow anything in life to enrage you so.  
Pick spiritual tenets that you are comfortable with.  We don't care if Christianity doesn't like it.  We are free to not listen to their beliefs.  We are free to not associate with their people - to the extent possible in a Christian country.  And we are free to not allow them to make us feel they way you do.
As long as you carry this hatred, you are letting them into your mind and soul.  Letting them eat at you.  Letting them win.
Be the better person and walk away with your dignity and your karma intact.

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QUESTION: Do you have any specific suggestions in regards to overcoming or toning down my hatred? Anything I can or should do, actions I can take to help myself overcome these feelings?
thank you.

The best way to overcome hatred is to go out and find the beauty in the world.
Try floating in living water - a lake or river will do but the sea is best, your shower will suffice only if there is no access to living water - and letting the water wash away negative energy.  Do this as often as possible.  Meditate for peace if the water is conducive to this activity.  Then go about your day being awestruck by the beauty in the world.  Consider how miraculous the delicate nature of flowers and the magnificent display of rainbows and the power of elephants truly is.  Revel in the tastes and colors and textures available to us.  
It's hard to hate when you are busy trying to be in love with every little thing.
Develop some mantras...such as;
"I am a child of the universe
Peace and harmony flow through me
All is well
All is well
All is well"

When encountering something that threatens to raise the negative energies within, remind yourself that all people have the same rights you their beliefs and opinions especially...but that you do not need to be there to listen and learn a very hard lesson - walking away.  

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