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QUESTION: Hello Labyrinth!

I was unable to THANK YOU for your reply to my post "Reversing a Binding Spell", the part about binding the unbinding spell. For some reason, I was not allowed to post a follow up in which I wanted to THANK YOU!!!

And since you are my "go to" support :) I have more questions.

As you can tell from the subject of my post, I am in debt. And I really wanna pay it off ASAP. There is a severe economic crisis where I live, so work is scarce to say the least. A friend loaned me money and is so generous enough not to keep asking me for it because he understands the situation. But, I would really feel relieved if I pay him back.

Is this something you can help me with? I hope so coz your profile said "ask me anything" :) and I do have faith in your knowledge.

After paying off my debt, I would love to be financially secure and comfortable. My heart tells me you have powerful answers for me. So, I can't wait to hear and act on them. The moon is waxing and I learned this is a good time for this kind of work.

As always, I am immensely greatful for your time and response!

ANSWER: What you need to do is conduct prosperity spells.  There are various spells and rituals that draw prosperity energy towards you.  This energy is the energy that surrounds money, job opportunities and other things that lend energy for growth.

And yes, waxing moon, or full, is good for that.

Browse around for something that interests you.  If you can't find anything let me know.  I have a few lying around somewhere.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Labyrinth!
I found you onion skin spell. I will do it tomorrow or the day after (full moon), depending on when I get a reply. Here are my questions:
1. Does it have to be a crystal bowl? I neither have one nor can I afford to buy one. If I use a glass or stainless steel one, will it be weaker? Are there other options that you'd recommend?
2. How do I "enchant" the sesame seeds?

I'll review your post again hoping that it mentioned what to do with the remains. If not, could you please explain.
All the best!

Crystal bowls are optimal, but others will work.  Wooden bowls are good, as are glass bowls.  If using glass try getting clear, white or green without a design printed on them if possible.
No matter which you are using, wash thoroughly, and smudge - which means passing it through incense smoke several times.  

Enchanting herbs means to put your spirit energy and intention into them.  Place the seeds or herbs you are enchanting in a bowl.  Get yourself into a meditative state of mind with your intention for the spell clearly in your head.  now run your fingers through the herbs or seeds in the bowl.  See your own energy going into them.  Feel them learning what you want them to do.  Do this until you KNOW you have "magick" seeds.

The best way to dispose of remains is to either bury in a natural place or throw into running water.  Always remember that your best guide is respect.  Always handle spell remains with respect.  

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