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QUESTION: Hello Again Labyrinth!

I am the same person you've been helping with the above, over the past few days. I didn't have the "option" of a follow up so I chose "ask a question".

This, however, is not a question. I just wanted to tell you that I cast the unbinding spell today and I know with absolute certainty that a. in fact there was a binding spell and b. the unbinding is done!

Here are signs that I got:

- while wrapping the nails representing them with black thread, (MAN) was welcoming the wrap and was covered in 2 seconds. (WOMAN), however, was so resistant! It took me a few minuted to get her wrapped!

- While chanting as the candle burned, I did visualize as you explained. But I also RECEIVED things. In the beginning, every time I'd say (MAN) is free, I would RECEIVE his voice saying "thank you".

- When the flame got closer to the needles, this voice disappeared but I kept RECEIVING an image of him leaving her house and closing the door behind him.

What I like is that the image of him leaving her place was calm and peaceful. I do realize that he might choose to return there. Somehow, this unbinding spell is also making ME peaceful about any decision he takes in the future!

I am yet to bury everything tomorrow.

But wanted to thank you!


ANSWER: You are very welcome.  I am glad that the spellwork was successful for you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Labyrinth, you are the best!

Actual proof that the unbinding was a success started manifesting! Exactly as you advised and I followed regarding the visualization of him doing things on his own as he likes!! Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so happy to see him being himself again! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Now, I have a question and am seeking advice.

As I read on websites, there are ways of binding the spell itself not the people involved. I am just afraid that because she did it once, she could do it again as she sees the changes in him.

1. So, the advice I want is if this would be  in any way considered "manipulating". In my heart and mind, I don't see it as such because the purpose is making sure that free will is retained and protected from any manipulation.

2. If you agree that it does not harm anyone, could you please let me know how I can bind the spell?

Thank you!

Binding the people to keep them from doing further harm is the most common usage of a binding spell, but should be left to very experienced witches only.

Binding the spell itself needed to be done when you cast the spell.  If you wanted to bind it, you'd have to do the spell again, wrapping the remnants in black cotton, wool or silk and the wrapping that with black or red cotton or silk thread, string, or ribbon.  Do not use synthetic fibers.  Wrap in multiples of three or seven.  Never leave wrapping on a even number.  Same thing with knots to close the wrap.  At least three or seven knots.

Chant for this spell:

For the good of all and harm to none,
This spell is bound, and will not be undone.
By the Power of Three,
So mote it be.

CAUTION:  I am not sure how the energy will be affected by trying to BIND an UNBINDING spell.  There is an inherent conflict in the energy being used here.  

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