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QUESTION: Hi Labyrinth! Thank you for bearing with my long post!

My boyfriend and I were doing great.He always showered me with love and affection. But, overnight (literally) he changed, became distant and broke up with me. Also, he immediately got in a relationship with somebody who had been after him for a long time. Their relationship is strange, as reported by friends and by his family. He is extremely drawn to her, believes everything she says, and believes nobody but her. His relationship with his family, including his own kids whom he loves dearly, have crumbled. This is not like him at all in relationships (I know because we were friends for 30 years before going out).

A local clairvoyant person whom I trust, performed a session with both his photo and that new woman. Her conclusion was that a binding spell was casted on him. I do believe this lady because of many past experiences with her.

So, is there a way to reverse that. Actually not to reverse it but to undo it? I really don't wish the woman any harm. And I believe that if we are not meant to be together we won't be together. My only intention is to restore his free will. Obviously, I would love him back because I am still in love. But, this is really not my intention.

Thank you in advance for your input and feedback!

Also, please note that I meditate daily and am spiritual but I never ever casted a spell. So, whatever you suggest, kindly give me all the details you can.


ANSWER: You are going to need to familiarize yourself with some basic ritual magic.  May I suggest "Wicca for the solitary practitioner" by Scott Cunningham.  It is very basic and has everything you need to know for your first spell casting.  It is readily available on the internet if its not at your local bookstore.

So, once you learn how, do the prep work.  Self cleansing, space cleansing, materials gathering.  When you're ready lay a circle and call the powers.  (See the book)

On a piece of parchment paper write their names.  One on one end then flip it over and write the other on the other end.  So the two names are both on opposite sides and opposite ends.  Place it on the altar.
Take a black taper candle.  Set it well into a holder.  Take two silver straight pins.  Hold them up to the Goddess.   SAY:
"This is (Man's name) and this is (woman's name.)  
Here they are, stuck fast in a spell
woven of false love"
Stick the pins into the sides of the candle more than half way down evenly across from each other.  One on each side horizontal to the ground.  Makes a kind of cross shape.
Take black thread and wind it around the pins and around the candle.  Make it snug.  Figure 8 around one pin around the candle around the other pin around the candle...wrap it three times.  SAY:
"This is (man) and this is (woman)
Bound by a bad spell
Bound by a black spell
Bound by a bad spell
Bound by a black spell...keep repeating as you wrap the thread completely around.

Now light the black taper saying "Blessed Be this creature of magic that I light to break the bonds of false love.  As the flame burns the bond here on this candle may it also burn the bond of the black witch who traps (man's name) in the darkness of false love."

Take up the parchment.  Our next goal is to burn the paper in two leaving one name on each side still able to be read.  It is ok to put a small damp line of water across the end of the paper to protect the names from the flame.  It is tricky to control.  Have your burn bowl at the ready to catch ashes.  When the paper comes apart it is okay to use a damp cloth to pat out any flames.  As you are doing this you are to SAY:
"(Man) take your free will
I burn the binds free
Now the truth you see
I burn you apart
Take over your heart
(Man) take your free will"
Lay the parchment pieces on opposite sides of the candle.

In a burn safe bowl have a bit of charcoal going and now put a big pinch of patchouli and let it smoke thick. Move the bowl around to thickly smoke over the altar and the spell work.
"Graveyard dust
Rot and Rust
Death and Decay
Witch go away"

Repeat seven times as you continue to smoke over the spell work.

Now sit and stare at the flame.  You MUST visualize him away from her and doing things he likes to do on his own.  You must NOT - and I cannot stress this enough - you must NOT visualize him back with you AT ALL.  Your personal intent here is VITAL and it CANNOT be to get him back, it can only be to rescue him from the binding.

Binding burnt
Binding broken
Unbinding spell
Unbinding spoken
When ties burn
(Man) is free
When pins fall
So mote it be

Chant this over and over, visualizing him free to do as he wills, until the threads burn and the pins fall.
Let the black candle burn out on its own.
In the morning gather up the parchment.  Wrap the ashes and candle wax in the parchment pieces and bury them.

Think of it NO MORE.  The one sure way to kill magic is to doubt its power.  Go forward assuming its done.  The goddess does the rest.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Labyrinth!

I am grateful for your detailed response!! Here are a few questions though:

You mentioned (and I can imagine being true) that it s hard to control the burning/splitting of the parchment paper without burning the names. So my questions are a) if the names (or one of them) accidentally burn, is this going to harm the person whose names is burnt? and b) if it happens, should I redo it until I get it right?

is this in oil form? What if I don't find it where I live? Can I substitute with something else? If yes, kindly mention a few so that I am able to have alternatives depending on availability in the local market.

It may be hard for me to bury the remnants the following morning. I live in a city and I would need to drive out of the city to do that. If they have to be buried, how long after I do it can it stay?

4. Timing:
Is there a special timing for this? Solar or Lunar cycles? Planetary hour, day....etc. If yes, what would that be?

I did some online readings and they seem to be talking about this a lot.

Thank you once more for your time and the sharing of your knowledge!

I will be glad to clarify any and all questions.

1.  I recommend that right before the burn you use a small paint brush to draw a wet line at the 1/3 mark on both sides to help contain the flames.  If you can't, or it doesn't work, don't stress too much.  No it can't hurt anyone.  If you feel that the spell wasn't accomplished in a way that satisfies you, there is no harm in repeating it.  

2.  I recommend actual patchouli.  I order mine from Penn Herbs.  Mixing in actual graveyard dust is a plus, but it usually won't burn without the herbs.  

3.  Respectfully gather the remains and pack them in a shoebox and put in a safe dark place.  It can stay several days before burial but you really do need to bury it.  Once buried, like all things dead, leave it lay forever.  Do not go back and dig it up.  

4.  This is best done on a waning moon.  Other than that your intention is more important than timing.

Hope that helps

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