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I've been interested in wicca lately.  I've always felt in tuned with nature and been interested with becoming more connected.  I'm an adult female.

My question is could you help draw someone towards me?  I don't want to force them against their will.  I just want to draw them towards me so I can attempt to connect with them.  I met a man and I like him a lot, but I've never had an opportunity to talk to him.  I just would like a chance to do so. How should I approach this?

Thank you

Hello, I don't recommend using magick to interfere with someone. The best advice I could give here would be to just gather the courage/strength to actually talk to him. Reach out to him on Facebook or just walk up to him and say hello. Ask the Goddess for strength and guidance, but she will only help if you firstly help yourself.

Good luck!  

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