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Ever since I was a child I have had very strange dreams and I dream in color and can remember my dreams very clearly. The other day I had a dream but instead of being  a participant I was an observer. In it there was a group of people who were stranded or trapped somewhere trying to get back to everyone else. There was also another group of three beings who were trying to cast a spell to help the trapped group. Two women and one man. Just as the Female who was apparently in charge cast the spell the Man yelled Sign and the spell failed. The other two women appeared to be angry with him. I began looking closer at the man and he appeared to be made out of Plants or covered in plants and he noticed me where as the other two did not. He seemed to get nervous when I began looking closely at him and he some how forced me out of the dream and I woke up. I remember thinking that this being was more than just a dream. Almost like a god or something that was trying to remain hidden. Could you help me with this I has been bothering me for a little while now. Don't know why just something about it does.

The first thing you need to think about is that dreams help our minds process our conscious and unconscious minds.  Dreams help us find balance between the two.

You cannot always assume that something is "magical" or "divine".  I am not saying that it is not, just that you can not assume that it is.

The fact that they spoke English is one clue.  Most of the old Gods would speak something akin to the language of the region they came from, in the time that they were worshiped.  

A God that looks to be covered in plants or made of plant could be Wodos or one of the Gods that took up his mantle.  Most of the Gods or Mystical Creatures that would have that appearance would probably speak Gaelic, Garman, or Teutate.  All of these languages are parent and grandparent forms of English.  If it was Mystical and the "God" in question was hiding it from us, they would speak a language that we do not understand.

I suspect though it is something your subconscious is hiding from your conscious mind.  You need to figure out what they are saying.  You need to see the sign.

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