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Hi Labyrinth!
You've helped me so much in the.past so I believe you still can help me. And I DO appreciate it in advance...

Here's my question/problem, which when solved can take a lot of pressure off of my life.

I am trying to sell 2 Real Estate lands. One belongs to my parents, who are now suffering a financial hardship. It hurts me to see them have financial worries at such an old age. All I want is that if, God forbids, they need medical attention, they can afford it!

The other one belongs to my best friend and her siblings. It's in a prime location but hasn't sold sinve 2010 because of political instabilities in the country where it is located. Now that things cooled down a bit, they decided to pit it up for sale again. The commission I could do here would be a great cushion for me. My friend (one of the ownerss) believes the land is hexed. I have no reason to argue for against that. But, as I embark on selling it, I wanna make sure all goes smoothe and fast with good and abundance and blessings and grace to the buyer, seller and myself.

I hope you can help me!

It is unclear exactly what you want.
I recommend rituals for prosperity to encourage the universe to bless you with abundance.  This will help generate the energy you need to encourage sales.
As for hexed land, I really need to be there to feel what the issue is to properly evaluate it.  What is happening that makes her think it's hexed?  I have done some spirit interventions dealing with land but it was here on my island.  

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