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I read tons of blogs about creating sigils using the method of planetary squares.But I just don't understand the method of converting one single keyword into numbers.For instance,let's say I want a new car.So I've seen people convert the word car into numbers and then sigilize it.My point is that car could mean a lot of things.
-Get a new car
-Get hit by a car
-See a car and so on
I mean wouldn't it make it more sense if I could be more specific? Like using full sentences instead of a single keyword like car.So how do I turn complete sentences into sigils?

I have not spent time learning this skill.  However; as I understand it, the first step of creating sigils is to solidify intent.  

Refine your intent.

I need a new car.

How do you intent to get it?

I need someone to give me a car?  I need a loan to buy a car?

Work at this until you have selected three or four key words - that fall into one planets realm - I am not familiar with what each planet is for in this case.  So play with your keywords until you get the best three or so that fit.



That works out to  NDGFTCR which is what you use to make the sigil.

I am sure that you know more about this than I do!  It is the INTENT that is the most important.  You do not need to use only a single word.  Go ahead and use a phrase to clarify what you need.  Just try to get a phrase that belongs to one single planet.  

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