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How do you know how to recognize other people's abilities like yours? Especially the strong ones that have natural barriers to protect them against being identified?

If you have real skills, you should be able to pick up aura energy.  You can't know exactly what talents that person may have but you should be able to sense spiritual energy around that person.  Now if they don't want to be seen or felt and are really good themselves with the magical may not pick them up at all.  There may be legitimate reason that person doesn't want to be identified.
If you ever do encounter a person where you feel magical or spiritual energy - approach with extreme caution.  one, you don't know if that person is a white practitioner or if their intention will necessarily be positive.  Second, they might not want to be outed in public by a stranger.  Especially someone cloaked and trying to not be seen might take it badly if you expose them.

If you are seeking companions to share spiritual time with try listening in on a public forum.  If you think these people sound like they share your belief system join in, maybe asking if there are any people near you to ritual with.  On possibility is the facebook page of Zsuzsanna Budapest for example.

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