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I bound myself years ago to kinda not have to deal with ghosts because I have children, and now I'd like to unbind myself because I feel if anything is coming to me that isn't a bad creepy crawly then he/she must want to just be heard for whatever reason and need help, so how would I unbind myself if it's possible?

The method of removing a spell depends on the method of casting the spell. If there are any materials involved, or an item was created, these should be destroyed and/or disposed of. Any knots involved should be cut or untied. Declare out loud your intention to dissolve the spell or release the binding as you do so. You can wash it in salt water first to wash away the energy, then release it into the fire (do not use this method for toxic materials, and always use good ventilation), into a body of moving water (provided they are natural materials that will not pollute the water or present a danger to wildlife) or bury it in the Earth somewhere away from your home.

I also recommend an astral meditation method to cut any ties related to your spell. You may envision this as threads, either wrapped around you or someone else in the case of a binding, or connecting yourself to someone or the object you used to hold the spell. Using visualization, cut these connecting threads, or burn them so that they are destroyed.

Finally, a relaxing bath in salt water will help draw any residual energy related to your spell out of your aura. Watch the water go down the drain and visualize the energy you don't want connected to you go with it.

If the spell/binding was cast on your property, rather than yourself. Take a broom and sweep the whole area and sprinkle salt around it, but make sure you sweep up and throw away the salt, don't just leave it there. You can use bits of halite (rock salt) if you're using it outdoors so it'll be easier to collect, just take care not to let it get rained on or it will dissolve into your soil and that's not good for your plants. Remember to focus on the purpose for this and any magickal activity while you do it or you'll just be going through the motions. Chants help with this, just make up a little poem that describes your purpose and chant it while you're doing it.

This is an all-purpose, general method for undoing spells, curses, etc. Some spells have their breaking built into them. They specify a period of time, or involve the tying of a knot that, when untied will cancel the spell, the old Freezer Binding Spell just involves thawing. That is, a reverse action is generally warranted.

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