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Hi, my name is Anya and I'm interested in asking you a couple of questions about Wicca if you allow me to. As I am currently working on a sociology project about the religion, and would like to have a mans perspective included in it.
         Thank you!

I am more than willing to do this.

First, I will start with History.  Wicca was created in 1951 after Gerald Gardner was kicked out of a Druid Order.  He was kicked out of a Druid Order for Racism.  He created Wicca as a response to not being allowed to practice the old religion and Druidry anymore.

He ended up getting kicked out of his own coven after he attempted to rape a woman named Maxine Sanders.  The attempted Rape of Maxine Sanders led her and her husband, Alex Sanders, to create Alexandrian Wicca.

I am a Heathen.  I am dedicated to Family, Home, and Tradition before all things, including the Gods.  This is what the Gods of our ancestors taught them.  The Old Gods rarely show themselves to us.  1700 hundred years ago, many of our ancestors made a choice, to take the easy way out.  They embraced a faith where hard work was a thing of the path.  In that faith, you didn't have be a good person, just pray for forgiveness and everything would be okay.  800 years ago, more of our people embraced the faith.  

In 600 AD, a plan was put together.  Stones were laid in a country called Vinland, Land of Red Men.  Less than 1200 years later, that dream came to fruition, and a nation was built upon those stones.  The day was July 2nd, 1776, when an important document was sent to printing press.  July 4th, 1776, that important document was sent out with riders.  On August 2nd, 1776, Druids, Masons, Witches, Pagans, Heathens, and a few Christians had a formal signing of that document.  The nation built was supposed to be better.  

In 1950, during the Red Scare, McCarthy was using Government Troops to hunt down Druids, Masons, Witches, Pagans, and Heathens.  He as being told by his friend, Frank Marshal Davis, who was telling him that we were Communists.  When in truth, we were the only ones who would stand up to Communists.  Children of Druids, Masons, Witches, Pagans, and Heathens watched their parents get arrested, harassed, beaten, tortured, and in some cases road hauled.  Parents, out of fear, quit teaching their children.  This left the children, half taught.

In the 1960s and 1970s, those half taught children gave Wicca new life.  Wicca exploded onto the scene.  They were extremely bigoted against soldiers and cops, psychologically for good reason.  However, they were going after soldiers and cops who were innocent of the crimes against their parents.  The Wiccans and the Hippies, spit at and threw rocks at my Grandfather and Uncle when they came home from Vietnam.  

As a Heathen, I choose to raise my children with morals and values.  I will raise them to fight, bleed, kill, and die for their home.  Just like I was raised.  Just like our ancestors taught their children too.

As a Heathen, I am proud to walk with a limp.  I earned my limp fighting for my home and country.  I earned that limp protecting people that were walked upon.  I am a Warrior.  My Dad was a Warrior.  My Uncles were Warriors.  Their fathers were Warriors.  We give our life for those who hate us.  

We give our lives, so that one day, someone seeking enlightenment, will come to us and ask questions.  If you have further questions, please ask.  

Until that day, seek well and seek wise.  Have care what you ask.  Neopagans and Wiccans will give you a different answer than Heathens.  MesoPagans will probably ignore you.  

Have a good day Anya.

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You need to find out how to balance the Warrior Spirit and Honor with the Pagan an Heathen Path. I can help you find your balance. You want to find the step between Neo-Pagan/Wicca and Meso-Pagan/Older Forms of Religion. I can help you. If you start your question, talking about how much magical power you have, I will call you on it. Do not brag about your magical powers to me. Do not tell me your a 15 Year Old Uber Dragon Wiccan High Priest. I will tell you the truth. I will tell you to make yourself better. Do not start your question that way. If you do, I will call you on your bullshit, then I will tell you how to make yourself stronger/better.


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