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my father in law owns a vacation home that my husband and I use frequently and maintain for them. My brother in law stayed there recently. When we arrived for our first visit after him we found round yellow stains on our personal bed pillows, when I put them outside prior to taking them to launder one developed multiple sites that looked like puncture spots.  A picture had been removed from the wall, several more were tipped at angles, several pieces of furniture were shifted slightly out of place, multiple locations where small caches of silk flower petals had been stashed, a series of white stones around the perimeter of the property, and when running the vacuum before departure I found a nail placed in the center of the mattress under my husbands side of our bed, a perforated white square at the foot, and a very large dead black spider placed in the center under my side of the bed. Our night stands had been shifted out of place and when I put them back in place I found pennies hidden behind the front legs on both. There were also small white stones placed in the center beneath entrances. Also, all window blinds had been flipped to the up position.  What does all this mean?  Thank you for any light you can shed on this.

Wow.  It sounds like you had a crazy person there.  Some of this makes sense and other parts are just weird.
Ok...white stones in a ring around the house and in doorways etc are protective.  That would suggest that a white witch was protecting the home or conducting a huge magic circle ritual in the house.   Flowers and flower petals are used in magic ritual, generally good magic, but fake flowers do not have power so stashing silk flowers doesn't make sense.  Pennies also are protective and also used for health and prosperity.  Mostly because of their copper content, but pennies made after 1982 aren't even copper, so unless they are very old, again it doesn't add up.  
Placing a nail under the bed causes restlessness and discomfort and is bad magic.  I don't know of any ritual that uses dead spiders, bad or good.  But spiders might be something I expect to find in a cabin.  

So, educated GUESS....
Your brother in law has made witchy friends (or accidentally let them know where this place was and when no one would be there)who came up there and did a ritual of some kind, from the remaining evidence it wasn't bad magic.  In the process they moved all the furniture out of the way so they could have large open space to work.  So in putting it all back it's now slightly out of place.  
To cleanse the place of this craziness:  Throw out pillows and anything else that can be easily replaced that has stains and punctures...both of those things are just weird and I can't think of any reason - black or white - to stab a pillow. This just makes me think that the perpetrators are witchy-wanna-bes, not experienced spiritualists.  As for the mattress, check and make sure nothing has been stuffed up in there.  If so get it out.  Another weird thing, especially at the foot of the bed.  If I wanted to bother your sleep I'd put something in the head of the bed.  
We want to smug with sage now.  Get an old frying pan with a solid handle.  Put hot barbecue briquettes in it.  Pour a bunch of sage - from the grocery is fine - and get in really smoking.  You do not want flames, just smoke.  Now carry it from the front door, around the cabin clockwise, fanning the smoke into all the cracks and crevices, closets drawers, etc.  This will flush out any residual energy.  Have someone else follow you with water or fire extinguisher just for safety.

Sorry someone did this to you.  Wish I was there to really check the energy for you, but it doesn't sounds dangerous at all.  Do the cleansing.  Change the locks.  

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