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QUESTION: Hi, I've never asked a question on a site like this before so pardon me if I sound silly. I've been studying various pagan paths for the past 3 months or so. I have been practicing various techniques for things from meditation, divination and aura viewing. Today I did nothing but meditate, light candles for the (my perception of) Godess and God to give them thanks for blessings, then I watched a few videos on star seeds and indigo children. Not long after I began experiencing an aweful headache. I rarely have headaches. about thirty minutes later my headache subsided and was replaced my a nervous/frightened feeling in my center. I first tried to smudge and clense myself of negative energy and when that failed I tried to ground my energy into the earth, my beloved tree, then finally a brown stone. I tried eating and drinking. I'm not sure what is going on with me but I feel fairly sure I'm becoming more sensitive to suble energy or my own energy and it is effecting my greatly. I have little experience and I'm in great need of advice. What exactly is this feeling and how can I get rid of it?

ANSWER: Wow.  I think you are trying to hard!  You do not need to, and I do not recommend, spending a whole day meditating and studying.  No wonder you have a headache!

True natural spirituality is a way of life.  You work meditation, honouring the goddess and study into your regular life.
And please don't put to much stock in the star seed and indigo children hype.  It's faddish and since it came out everyone has one.  Honestly some of those groups think that stuff is about aliens not the gods we actually have.

Please read Grandmother of Time by Szusanna Budapest
and Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Maybe a good book on kitchen or household magick.

Ease into this.  It's supposed to comfortable and warm.  The best thing to do for the overwhelming feelings you are having to to do a water cleansing.  Optimal - swimming/submerging in sea water.  Second, moving fresh water like a lake or river/stream.  But a good long cold shower will help, especially if you open up your chakrahs in there.
A good cleansing bath soak - handful of salt and handful of bay leaves in hot water.  Light candles and incense, turn off the lights, relax.  Very stress and negativity relieving.

When I teach the natural path I have people start with the readings I mentioned.  And also to go about their day just being highly aware of nature.  See the awesome beauty in the sun, moon, flowers, rain, butterflies.  Go around kind of acting like a hippie love child for a little while.  Just begin to truly appreciate life.  

Mediation is a key to our life style and important to good ritual technique.  But unless we are actually generating ritual magick energy let's limit it to half an hour for a while.  Morning and night if you like.  It is impossible to think of nothing.  Meditation is for focus.  So when I teach mediation technique we start with visualization. Can you spend your meditation time just holding an image of something familiar for that half hour?  This is the key to eventually practicing the craft.   Deep breath, relax, open your chakrahs, then just picture your grandmother's front door, or your favorite rose bush, or something similar.  Examine every detail.  HOLD that image for as long as possible, letting it go at the half hour or when you can't hold it any more.  It takes time to work up to 30 minutes.  If you can only hold it for a few minutes, ok, stop.  Next time a bit longer.
This is the first class in my meditation series.  

I would be glad to walk you through the meditation series, and other aspects of spirituality that I teach.

If you think I have helped with your current issue, please follow this advice for about a week and then let me know how it's going.  We'll give you step two.
If not, please write again now and let me know what I missed, or what further help you need.

Blessed Be

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Lady Labrynth,

Thank you for your advice. The relaxing bath did the trick and i slept soundly. I would also be overjoyed to have you walk me through this meditation series, as i do have some difficulty in the area. I plan to apply the technique you have given in my meditation today. I will also be ordering the reading materials you have suggested.
I worded the part about what I did yesterday in a confusing way. I only spent about 15 minutes practicing meditation. I was just trying to convey that I did nothing further than that like casting a circle or drawing up power for a magical working. I'm to new in my studies to attempt this of course. I was under the impression that the feeling in my center could have been excess power or just negative energy, though I'm not sure where either would have come from. Today I find myself worried this will happen again. The feeling was absolutely aweful, like I had drank an entire pot of coffee while simultaneously being nervous to take an important test. I hope that is a sufficient description. Could you give my any insight on what might have caused this? I have considered the fact that it could very well be my own mind or anxieties but I don't think that is the case.
I thank you sincerely,

ANSWER: One of the most difficult aspects of working with the energy of the universe is getting used to it.  It is very important to be able to isolate different skills and energies within.  For example, being able to decide whether or not to generate energy during meditation.  I think you are drawing energy when not intending to and then feel weird because it is unexpected.  During these visualization exercises you should not be drawing energy.  Use the bath whenever needed.

While we work on meditating let's also talk about your altar.  Where is it and what's on there?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My alter is in my dining room, in front of a window, facing east. I have God and Godess candles as well as a few other candles. A pentacle I made myself from a piece of cedar, goblet, dish for offerings, salt and oil dishes, incense and sage and all of my crystals.
Thank you for easing my mind about the strange feeling, I was afraid it could have been something negative but it makes much more sense that it is just excess energy drawn unintentionally. I tend to focus to hard and overthink things a bit.

Ok. Good.  You understand the altar concept.

I am going to include a meditation exercise that creates altar space within your own mind or psychic consciousness.  Again, these things are assignments I give my studnets and are expected to take time - weeks or more - to perfect.

The Inner Altar
We should all have an altar of some kind in our living space on this physical plane.  But we should all have an altar in the metaphysical plane also.  
STEP 1: Do a ritual meditation.  In your mind see the most beautiful and perfect place.  This is different for everyone.  Some like the beach, some the mountains, some a forest, a desert, mine is a meadow...
Establish this place well in your mind.  See the colors, smell the air, hear the birds and the wind.  BE in this place. Just this part may take more than one meditation ritual.
STEP 2: Once your personal plane is well established we will build an altar there.  Once again, it is what you like.  I gathered rocks and built an altar.  There may be a tree stump, or a flat rock, a ledge on a cliff face, a stone table...YOU build it or find it and clean it up.
STEP 3: Turn this spot into a spiritual altar.  Gather symbols of earth, air, fire, and water that are in your space - or bring them with you when you come there.  Candles, bowls, bells.  Gather herbs to burn.  Do all the things we usually do to collect our altar supplies.
You may find it helpful to build a hut or cabinet to store things in.
STEP 4: Begin to ritual in here.  Remember - this is a metaphysical plane.  You can have tea with a Goddess, talk to the animals, dance with fairies, ask a dragon for a scale...
One ritual I love is to call on the Lady Epona.  She can come and carry you on journeys to find what you need to find.  
This is a good place to build a stone year wheel.  It is a good place to grow a garden full of herbs you can't find in your area.
Maintain this place.  Go here on a regular basis.  The possibilities are endless.

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