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Seal thingy
Seal thingy  
Okay so this is going to be strange. When I was small,11 or so, I kept drawing a symbol over and over again,almost obsessively. Told my mother it was important, then after awhile it went away and I forgot about it. This year I began drawing it again,not remembering. My mother pointed it out saying I have drawn it before. I get uneasy,and it keeps me from sleeping on more than one occasion. I've looked everywhere, and the only I know is that it looks like the 9th Solomon seal,and the name agiel is tied to it. There are missing points in the seal I keep seeing, and I can't figure it out. This time though, when I dreamt it, my seal changed and it, doubled I suppose? I know I'm more than likely nuts. I just want to know if anyone recognizes it,o r if I'm crazy,tell me now. The top one is the original seal I kept seeing till now. Oh I should mention,the name agiel was in my dreams when I was 11 as well,its not a name you just pull out if your rump.

I am afraid I don't know, though it looks like it something from the Kabbalah, though honestly I have no clue as I don't study Abrahamic magick. I suggest you post it in a more public forum, like the Witchipedia's Ask the Witches section. Maybe someone there would recognize it. Or in a forum for Sorcery or High Magick. Facebook has quite a few and many are quite helpful. (Though some are elitist and snobby. Poke gently, tread carefully.)

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I have been a Pagan for over 20 years and a NeoHellenic Polytheist for 15. I have over 5 years experience planning and executing public Pagan events, particularly public rituals and family events. I have three children I am raising to honor Nature and the Hellenic Gods and to respect all faiths.

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