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I have been looking at the gemstone sugilite as I wanted to get a piece. It's said to get rid of negative energy. Plus it's a pretty stone. Anyway, so here is my question and this might seem a little on the crazy side. You know how some people can look at a cloud and see an image? Well, when I looked at 2 stones, one in a pendant and one was tumbled,  I saw an image. The first stone/pendant had what looked like a whitish ghost like image that looked like it was screaming.

The second stone, I was going to purchase (keep in mind these are stones on the internet) I had a vibe I wouldn't end up getting it. Anyway it sold today and when I looked at the picture again, I saw two images, one looked like a skull in the redish coloring part of the stone and the other looked like another skull in stone that had a long drawn face that looked like it had an evil grin. I know this sounds crazy but I am wondering if it's a possibility that there could be something to that. Like not that there is an actual entity in it but maybe it has some sort of a meaning. Either way, I couldn't purchase gemstones like this.

It's just creepy seeing this. What's your take on this? thank you!

It's perfectly natural to see faces in random shapes. Knots in wood, all the way to seeing faces in your breakfast toast. It's called Matrixing. Your brain is trained to see faces because it is constantly on the search for danger. Faces of dangerous animals to the faces of potentially dangerous humans. It may feel creepy but it is our brains keeping an extra eye out for danger.  

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