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My daughter and I have been having one horrible disaster after another in our lives. This has been going on for 15 years. Never ending sickness and personal loses. We have move across the country to start a new life only to be stricken with more hardships. Also in our new home there are many entities that are around us. At first they felt very benign and now they are in our personal space and it is very uncomfortable. Both my daughter and I are very aware of them. Have they been with us all along and are they causing our troubles?
thank you

This is very difficult to diagnose when I am not there.  Feeling the energy is so important in these cases.  I do have an exercise I'd like you to try.  Start at dark moon and do it at least three times before the next full moon and see how your house feels.  Let me know how it goes.

I recommend a general house cleansing.  You need a partner.  Get a frying pan you don’t mind throwing away, charcoal briquettes, white candles for each room, lighter, a LOT of dried sage, a box of kosher salt, and a small hand fan.
On that night go around and open every drawer and closet, pull furniture a few inches from the wall, just expose every inch of the place.  Light a pile of briquettes in your BBQ grill or other safe place.  I use a big coffee can.  Now the both of you shower and scrub your body with salt, rinse well, it is best to work naked but if that is too much for you, wear all natural fiber only – cotton, silk, linen, wool…I find that the partner does well with a big apron with pockets – there are supplies to carry as we do this.  Or a basket or bucket will do also.
The briquette should be red hot soon…place a jar candle in every room toward the center as much as possible, but wherever it will be safe.  I know having lit candles all over make some people nervous.  It is okay to set the candle inside another pot or bowl that has an inch of water in the bottom so that if they are accidentally knocked over by a cat or something they go out.  It can also be an added power generator for the spell – I will add in that part, though it is optional…
Okay – in the apron or container for participant #2 – the bag of sage, the bag of salt, and the lighter.  You (person #1) will carry the frying pan with several briquettes in it and the fan – so your hands will be full.  I usually put a folded towel on the floor a few strategic places around the house just in case I need to put the pan down.  It will scorch your floors or burn the rugs if you don’t have a hot pad of some kind to put it on in emergency.  
So we will work from the back of the house to the front, if you have only one door, or from the right side of the front door around the house to the back door then continuing around back to the front door.
In the first room - #2 throws a handful of sage on the coals and you fan it to get it smoking well.  #2 Lights the candle and sprinkles salt into the water in the bowl where the candle is set while you say “Blessed Be this creature of fire that I light in the name of the Elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; may they bind my spell and push all evil from my house.”  Now go clockwise around the room fanning the sage smoke into every crack and corner…as you pass any window or door to the outside have #2 spread a line of salt across its base as you say “The purest form of Earth guards and protects this between space.  Let no evil spirits pass here.”  Go clockwise around the house, repeating the candle and window/door part in each room.  Don’t forget your attic and basement if you have them.  Work your way around forcing any menace toward the front door.  Once there fan a bunch of smoke out the door, salt it, then close it.  
If you feel that presence at any time during the ritual or hear things like banging say “Mother Goddess, protect me your child as I do this spell to protect mine.”
Bury the coals and ashes if possible, or throw them into a river.  Third option leaving them far away in a wooded area.   Make sure they are COLD first!!
Let the smoke dissipate naturally.  Do not open windows to air it out!  Let the candles burn out on their own which should take several days.  Bury them, throw them in a river (don’t worry, they return to the earth) or recycle.  DO NOT put them in the trash.  
You can put crossed bamboo branches over the doors if you want also.
This spell work very well for the vast majority of irritating spirits.

Blessed Be  

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