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My friend has witnessed the following of her new neighbors:

A woman n a black cape, red lining, bowing and chanting to all four sides on her own front lawn (not my friends lawn)

3 young girls holding hands while chanting, entering and exiting a cage in their backyard that resembled one you might cage a dog outside in

The same girls dancing & twirling and hollering/chanting all around the yard

A man in a black cape, red lining, hood up,wearing a white mask pacing around the backyard

All of these happenings were observed in daylight hours.

Can you form any opinion on what might be going on?

Thank you in advance for your time!

It could have been a play, it could have been a Pagan ritual or ceremony. The cage probably symbolized something else, like a cave or something, in which case it's probably some kind of rite of passage.  Either way, people have the right to practice their religion, or their plays, on their own lawn.  

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