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Mavelle wrote at 2007-11-27 20:06:39
If you feel in your heart you should tell your parents, then do so. I was in your place as a young adult, and it was only until my guilt of keeping such an important aspect of my life hidden from my mother, most especially, that I felt moved to tell her.

Yes, she was devestated. She still does not support my beliefs and faith. However, as I have respected her rights to her faith, she has respected mine. We don't tend to cross that line where we can really express the details, and it is a bit taboo.. but I know that she loves me and supports my right to choose to believe and live how I feel is correct for myself.

I believe that my family (at least on Mom's side) is aware of my pagan beliefs, but it isn't one that is up for discussion. It's sad, but quite honestly, since the family is predominantly southern baptist, I think it's a rather positive reaction versus some other people's experiences.

What I'd suggest, then is, that the main thing to keep in mind is that family is family, and not even a difference in faith should stop the flow of love and bonding within that family. If you are sure that your family is well-knit and loving, they will accept you, even if they do not accept your choice.

Good luck, and many blessings this Solstice. :)

Catholicsoldier wrote at 2009-07-08 05:12:31
Don'T! Wicca is falsehood. It has no proof to back, but Christianity does. THe people of the burning time weren't even witches, and the so called gospel of jesus aren't even credible!

Joanna wrote at 2015-08-15 16:06:06
Thank you for recognizing the good things taught by the historical Jesus. I am an open minded, nature loving (sometimes called progressive) "Christian" who's 22 year old pagan/wiccan daughter is definitely out. I don't believe everything in the bible, and I try not to be oppressive to anyone. I believe in co-existing and peace. So I'm glad you encourage honoring the mother and not trying to hurt people. I found this site looking for support, from other Christians who's children are pagan, because, to be honest, some of the things my daughter puts on Facebook, especially the occasional references to Satan, hurt and frighten me. The only things I've found so far by "Christians" are the conservative/ oppressive Christians who I never want to be. I guess I'm writing to say thank you for recognizing the good in Jesus, and to let you know that some Christians, me at least, are really trying to be respectful and loving, and open minded. This is confusing and hard for me.  

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