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entity wrote at 2010-08-23 23:25:37

The above is false. Not only does the bible speak of Jesus expeling demons from people, but it also states that Jesus indeed was tempted by the devil.

The only part true abut the above answer is that it is a "black aura" as put.

Wind Walker wrote at 2013-01-06 20:47:51
New Age stuff should be kept out of Paganism .

Now Wicca these days has been so waterd down into a light and fluffy . I Had personal experience with Demons . Maybe someone has not been in the Craft long enough . Geez , The Banishing Pentagram is not only for releasing the quarters but used for banishing evil entities . They do exist . New Age is a dangerous practice with half truths . Sylvia Browne is no Witch . She says she,s Agnostic but I,m sure she has not read much about Gnosticism either . I can tell you a story of a bad mistake I did outside where I do my rituals when I peed too close in my sacred area . As I was pulling my zipper down a little warbler jumped on my head and my intuition told me , don,t do it ! Then the warbler jumped on a branch that was just an arms length away from me and the bird was staring at me while I peed .that night at 3 am I was attacked by I think the Hag as a punishment for what I did desecrating . I woke up vibrating and for the rest of the day I was completely exhausted . I had an experience with an evil entity one time when I was very tired just about falling asleep , I sensed evil was aproaching me as I was drifting into lala land and heard a voice in my head , your going to hell and I thought to my self - going to hell ? That don,t make sense , there is no hell ? Then I realized I had to pull myself out of drifting into the sleep realm and pulled myself out of it and faced directly at the entity and banished it . What is Hell ? It is just a lower plane of existence where the vibrations are lower and heavy because negativity is heavy . This plane is one step lower than the Farie world . I can go further that we create the God/desses and Demons . Our beliefs and intent , the power of thought . I ,m in the occult for 28 years . Want to learn more ? I,m on facebook or send me mail .

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