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Reverend Bob wrote at 2010-09-04 02:33:34
I've just written a piece for your reader/questioner, but I pressed the scroll up button and all the text disappeared,see my name and my email address below to verify what I have already written

LunarLight wrote at 2012-11-01 04:49:43
Hi Joe! I'm sorry about your love problems, but maybe this can enlighten you. In my experience, anything that has to do with a set religion that has had some adverse affects on you is usually an omen of sorts. Your ex-girlfriend broke up with you for reasons such as spirituality, this is very unfortunate, but it may be wise to not try to fix this relationship. And pushing religion on other people is a very negative thing to do. People who do this think that they are part of a superior selection of humanity, and if you run back to her you will most likely have to deal with religious bigotry from her, her family or the like. so my best advise for you is if it is meant to be she'll come to you, if it isn't you will have to give your love elsewhere. I hope this helped! And blessings!

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I can answer all questions regarding natural spirituality and being a pagan. Being Wicca, Golden Dawn, Shamanist, like saying you're Lutheran or Baptist. They are all forms of paganism and all based on natural spirituality. I am Romani (gypsy) and part Lakota (American Indian) and I was raised in natural spiritualism. I am a life path counselor for my group, a ritualist, and a spell weaver. Most of my work consists of guiding people on how to find spiritual peace in a very chaotic material world. Ask me anything.


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