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QUESTION: I cannot add or edit text in Pagemaker 7.0 When I try to do so the whole area turns white and stays that way. The only way to clear it is to exit from the program and restart. This started about 4 weeks ago and it basicly keeps from creating or editing pages. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no help. I deleted all Pagemaker files on the computer before reinstalling Pgemaker. HELP


Unusual, to be sure. I've been working in PM since the DOS days and I haven't ever come across a problem remotely similar to this!

1. What operating system are you on? (XP, Windows, OSX????)
2. Have you added or removed any programs about 4 weeks ago (at about the time this problem came up)?
3. Can you open a previous PMD file and edit it? Or is any file - new or old - afflicted?
4. When you say " whole area turns white" what  "whole area" are you referring to? The document? The Pasteboard? The entire screen (menus, toolboxes disappear).

Try importing a text document using the PLACE command.

Create a new document - margins and stuff are immaterial
Go to the File Place command and place any old text file you have lying around.

What happens?

Let me know!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am using Windows 7 and Pagemaker 7.0. I can create and edit on my laptop and I can move files to my desktop but I get the same results when I try to edit the text. All imported text works the same way. All the area where I have text turns white from side to side. I am using a blue background. I have used Pagemaker since the first one became available with no problems. There is no logical reason for this. Even a complete uninstall with removal of all Pagemaker files from the hard drive does not help. I guess I will just have to use my laptop. Thanks.

Works on laptop.....

I have PM 7 on Win7 and have not had that issue.
If you open a new document, can you place a graphic in it (desktop version)? Can you draw circles or rectangles?

Could you create a doc on the desktop and send a copy to me?

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