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Pagemaker (Adobe)/Printing from PM 6.5 in Win 7


I've just installed PM 6.5 in Windows 7 Pro/64. I can open documents and print them on an Epson Artisan inkjet but not on a HP 5MP. Other documents (for example, from Word in Office XP Pro) print on the HP printer. Two questions: Can you suggest why PM docs won't print on the 5MP? Would I likely encounter the same problem with a newer HP Laserjet?

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Well, I'm not certain why the 5 is having a problem - I currently print from 6.5 (and 7) to an HP 3030 as well as a couple of Brother printers. Actually, I've never had a problem with P65 and printing - even with Xerox devices.

However, here are some suggestions:

If the error doesn't occur when you print a new publication, the publication's print settings may be invalid, a particular object or font used in the publication may be damaged, or the structure of the publication may be damaged. Additionally, problems at the system level may appear to be publication-specific if they occur due to the complexity of the publication. Do one or more of the following tasks to troubleshoot an error that occurs only when you print a particular publication.

Verify that a valid printer is chosen from the Compose To menu in the Document Setup dialog box. (Windows only)

If the printer name is preceded by a question mark, or if Display on None appears in the Compose To box, choose a different printer from the Compose To menu.

Recompose the publication, using the diagnostic recompose and slide show features.

To use the diagnostic recompose and slide show features:

1. Hold down the Control and Shift keys while you choose Type > Hyphenation. This causes PageMaker to perform a diagnostic recompose.

2. Hold down the Shift key while you choose Layout > Go To Page. PageMaker cycles through the pages of your publication; after it's cycled through the entire publication, press any key to end the slide show.

3. Choose File > Save As, and then save the file with a new name.

The diagnostic recompose and slide show features cause PageMaker to look for and repair a small number of inconsistencies within a publication. When you save the publication with a new name, PageMaker saves only the current information, eliminating any damaged information it might have found in the publication.

Rename or delete the PageMaker defaults file.

The PageMaker defaults file stores information about application-wide defaults, which PageMaker uses each time you work in a publication. If you rename or delete the PageMaker defaults file, PageMaker creates a new one the next time you start the application.

In Windows, the PageMaker defaults file, Pm70.cnf (PageMaker 7.x) or Pm65.cnf (PageMaker 6.5x), is located in Program Files/Adobe/PageMaker [version] /RSRC/Pm [version] /Rsrc/[ language ].

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