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Pain Management/Morphine Didn't Work?


Marie wrote at 2009-12-13 23:51:06
Hi.  I am Immune to morphine.  The doctors at U of Penn, Temple U and the Indian Health Service did tests and I was told that it is an extra enzyme in the liver which prevents morphine from working at all.  They told me it is genetic and runs ONLY in some, NOT all, Native American families. Anasthesiologists are taught about it, but you HAVE to tell them that you are part Indian or they will NOT believe you.  Check your family tree is my advice.  Morphine and dilaudid both will not kill pain for me.  BUT, they will still make me talkative and drowsy.

Lauren wrote at 2010-11-07 00:58:44
I have also found this problem! I was given 20mg of morphine through an IV today (after dislocating my shoulder for the third time in a month) and it did absolutely nothing for the pain. My head only felt slightly woozy. I also have tried vicodin for various injuries and there was no change in pain. Hydrocodone has no effect either, as with aspirins. Percocets are the only thing that I have found that actually work for me, but I have to be very careful when taking them because too much and I've hallucinated on them before. I do think there is some sort of genetic factor in all this, as my mother and grandmother always need much higher doses for pain medications as well as getting local anesthesia/numbing agents of different sorts. I have found this problem as well, even when at the dentist and getting a numbing shot. Good luck I hope the percocets help! Take with food!

Robert wrote at 2010-11-08 16:30:08
I have this problem with opioids as well.  I am part American Indian (<1/16th) and have had a dozen surgeries.  I have been given 40 mg of morphine, 6 mg of dilaudid and 150 mg of demerol in an emergency room all within a half hour with no effect.  The only pain medication that provided relief was Toradol (COX inhibitor), however, ulcers or kidney issues will contraindicate using this drug.  I have taken  COX-2 inhibitors with little effect.

I also have multiple allergies (mold, pollen, gluten, penicillin) which may be related to this. I curiously test high for liver enzymes which I am curious if it is caused by the same genetic inhibitor.

Roberta wrote at 2011-01-09 01:48:25
Morphine does nothing for me, I have never taken codeine and demrol makes me wretch 'til green comes up. Oxycodone and hydrocodne work for me and I am a cancer patient, but I have to take them more often than the prescription calls for.

BlueLilacMoon wrote at 2011-10-19 13:00:07
I am also immune to morphine and so are a few others in my family.  I have had many doctors tell me i must be mistaken because there is no way that it does not work.    I had an abdominal hysterectomy and was given morphine with no relief at all.  i asked for demerol shots instead and I was much happier afterward.

conorcpa wrote at 2012-10-24 02:31:41
Dear Mike,

I have also had the same issue with the Morphine Immunity subject. My Mother and one of mysisters are also immune to liquid morphine and oral morphone. If I may inquire as to your lineage and line of work regarding your parents, grand parents, and great grand parents. Would that be ok to ask?

Yaakov wrote at 2013-02-12 17:39:26
Dear Margot,

To your research of immune to Morphine I have a natural immumity as did my mother  who never had need of such medication until she had severe osreoperidis at age 68. I did not know if was genetic but after my mothers operation I felt that it was likely. Since I also have some of the same allergic reaction to other medications.

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