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I don't know exactly if this is your area of expertise, but you seemed to be the most suitable. A while back I was weight lifting, barbell curls to be specific, and in my back (around the area of the trap) I felt a sensation as if I was being pinched by one hundred people. It didn't shoot anywhere besides from around my trap to my lat. Since this time I have had very random lat will twitch (not a spasm to my knowledge, although I don't know exactly what a spasm is, it seems just to twitch repetively) my trap will twitch, the front deltoid of my shoulder will twitch, slightly up on my neck will twitch, and the side head of my tricp will twitch. I'll have random dull pains in some of these areas, and sometimes my hands and all over my forearms. With cubital tunnel I know that it will be from the elbow to the pink/ring finger, but it does not seem to be limited to just that. It will be on any side of my forearm, the palm of my hand, or the back of my hand. Plus on occasion it seems as though my middle and index finger will feel pain.  The things that makes me question if it is a pinched nerve are: A. I haven't really expierenced any numbness/tingling anywhere. (VERY slight tingling in the pinky on a rare occasion) and B. The randomness of the areas, if it was isolated to one area then I feel it would be much simpler. I have yet to have a pain that travels from one spot to another, I can only describe it as a jump, ex. It will go from the front of my shoulder, then with no other pain anywhere, randomly switch to the lower part of my tricep. I am yet to find any specific movements that seem to irritate these symptoms, besides randomly jerking. Also, just from looking, it seems as the I have lost some of my brachialis muscle (at least it does not seems to be as big as my other arm's). This arm has also always lagged behind my other arm, even previous to this injury, if that may be of substansual importance.. Sitting with my back against a hard surface of laying on a hard surface seems to relieve the spot in my back aswell (In the lat area). I don't know how well I described everything, but I did my best to via internet.

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