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Hello, Iím a 41 year old male also afraid to say overweight.
Iím trying to lose weight which I have gained over 3 years but to inactivate and also drug side effect (Pregabalin).

Just over 3 years ago I had extreme chest pain that was a permanent part of my live for 6 months in that time I never seek medical attention out of fear of what could be causing it. I later went to the doctor who said it was caused by a condition called costochondritis.

I had a treadmill stress test done to hopefully rule out heart problems I managed about 9min 30secs before I stopped and I was given the all clear.

I also suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks and also Agoraphobia all of which I think have stemmed from my extreme pain I had from costochondritis.
I have been to A&E twice in the last 2 years with chest pain and I have had ecgs and blood test and chest x-rays done to rule out heart attack on both times.
But I still suffer from chest pain and I also find it very easy to strain my chest muscles ie: I can just reach to open a window and I end up clutching my chest and end up in pain also walking can be a stressful thing to do I find that walking up right takes a lot out of me and my chest will start to ache and feel tender.
When all this happens I find tender spots on my chest either side of the sternum at the sides of the chest (under the armpit area) and along the collar bone and it will go though to my back and shoulder.

So all this leads to me finding it have to exercise and try to keep fit as the easiest of things seems to strain my chest and this is leading to me getting fatigued quick and it seems as soon as I get out of bed in the morning my chest is aching.

So my question is could this be being caused by weakened chest muscles and if it is what could be the underlying cause of it
I have tried nearly everything but nothing seems to help.
On a last note my last chest x-ray showed a slight enlargement of the heart Iím due to have a echocardiogram do to check this out.

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Tight chest muscles restrict breathing and they, themselves, hurt.

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