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QUESTION: I've had, what seems like nerve, pain in my lower legs since around the time I started walking.  In the middle of the night I would crawl into my mom's room hysterically crying and she would have to rub my feet and legs until I fell asleep.  She took me to the doctors about this on numerous occasions and each time we were told that they were growing pains.  This diagnosis seems unbelievable considering my 28th Birthday is approaching and I still suffer terribly.  It's not muscle pain.  It seems like the pain is either nerve pain or bone pain (if that's possible).  It's not only in my joints but runs from my knees to my toes.  I once in a blue moon feel it in my arms but isn't often.  Any idea what this pain could be?

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ANSWER: Hi, Christen,

... could be muscular cramps in your legs

Test for that, here: |

Do what's shown.

Nerve pain feels like phantom pain:  you rub it, but it doesn't feel like it's being touched.

Muscular pain feels sore to the touch and can be "rubbed away" (temporarily).

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response.  I don't think it's muscle pain.  When you said phantom pain.  I think that sounds like it would describe my pain better.  Is possible to have suffer from this pain that young? And if it is nerve pain is there something that can be done about it?

Hi, Christen,

Age makes no difference.  It's what has happened to the person during their lifetime that sets the stage for problems.

Generally, nerve pain disappears as soon as the compression of the nerve, generally of muscular origin, ends.

For your condition, one would have to know where you hold involuntary tension.  Generally, self-reporting is unreliable because people often have deficient body-awareness and don't know where their problem is.

For the pain you describe, tight hamstrings and low back muscles are involved.  That constitutes an educated guess, without direct observation of your condition.

See more:
Read: Somatics by Thomas Hanna (

If you haven't already tried the exercise I have given you, please do so.  There's no substitute for direct experience.  

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