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Pain Management/Can I take panadol if I am allergy to voltaren?



If I am allergy to voltaren, can I take panadol?

I heard that there are some other painkillers that are very similar to voltaren and I should avoid it, what are they?

What over the counter painkillers can I take?

Thank a lot.


I looked on the panadol website and found out that panadol is just paracetamol (which is called tylenol or acetaminophen here in the states).  An allergy to voltaren?  What exactly happened?  Anyway these two drugs are in completely different classes and there should be no cross reactivity at all.  You may be able to take other drugs in the same class as Voltaren depending on what your reaction to it was.

Unless you are already known to have an allergy to panadol or you have some type of liver disfunction you should be perfectly safe taking it.

DO NOT take more than is directed on the bottle - tylenol(panadol) is a VERY SAFE medication at recommended levels - excess use however can be dangerous - stick to what the bottle says - no more :)

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