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QUESTION: Thank you for your thoughtful followup.  I saw my GP today and tried to explain my pain that is going up my spine, into my neck, and around stomach, ribs and heart.         He said he did not know what that would be, but it sounded like a pinched nerve or something else.  He said he really did not know.  I told him my pain dr. did not seem concerned.  I asked him about sending me to a nerologist.  He wants my pain dr. to handle it.          So, they are getting me in about 3 weeks from my scheduled appt.      I know she is going to send me for an MRI.  Should I ask for a referral to a neurologist?  If so, what kind?          Thank you again for your help.

Any neurologist who treats adults can help you, hopefully. If you know any nurses or medical professionals in the area ask around and try to get a "word of mouth" referral. If not, just look in the phone book and call  a neurological practice who takes adults. Being that your symptoms are so odd, you need a good physician, so unfortunately you will have to find a good doctor. That may be hard to find. Perhaps I can help you if you really run up against a brick wall. I hate to see patients not receive help. That's why I do this job. So, for now just look for a neurologist who treats adults. If you have any nurses you know, ask them. Even ask the nurse in your GP's office. Tell her how desperate you are. She should understand. Let me know how it goes.

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QUESTION: Just wanted to update my situation.  I saw my Pain Dr. today and she is setting up an MRI of my brain.  Thank you for your advice.  Actually, I know at least one nurse at church.  I will try to find a good neurologist.  Thanks again!!

Hi Emma,
An MRI is a good test, albeit expensive. Another option for you, which you can mention to the doctor, is a 'nerve conduction study'. It is much less expensive, however, since your electric pain has been a mystery so far, maybe the MRI will be best.
I  appreciate your follow-up. I enjoy receiving follow up notes from patients.

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