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Am 18 years old and I suffer from osteoporosis, I have always eaten well and there should be no reason for this but my doctor says its genetics. I have 6 wedged vetebrae and once it gets late at night I can't sleep because my legs and knees are killing me. Am on pain medication but they make be really high so it's really not good because am in university. I just want to know what can I do besides pain meds to stop the pain or help it. It's so painful that I am depressed because of it. The pain is ruining my life.


Hello, Josee,

The pain may be unrelated to osteoporosis or the shape of your verebrae.  Usually, knee pain traces back to tight hamstrings -- which, by the way, also often lead to reflexive tightness of the back muscles.

See this article and check your hamstrings.  

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