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I have recently taken up rollerblading after over 5yrs of not even knowing where my blades were as a means to get to work on time (it's a 40min walk from my house and with roller blades, it's shaved to 20min) and now that I am starting to remember how to roller blade, I'm doing stupid things after I finish work because I'm too tired to realize how dumb the idea is.
I had finished work and was on the "sidewalk" (it's a sidewalk in the sense it's not connected to the road but it's still made of cruddy asphalt) that's well known for rocks that the city doesn't clear up once the snow melts. It was on this stretch of pavement that I decided to see how fast I could go since it's a long unbroken (if uneven) stretch. I was AT MOST going 8-10kph when I hit a rock; small enough for me to miss but large enough to stop the front wheel on my blade and send me into a flying face plant.
The way I landed caused me a couple scrapes on my left knee and the back of my right hand but when I stopped, all my weight landed on my upper arm missing my elbow completely. When I got home I treated my injuries but where I landed wasn't hurting and the skin wasn't broken so I didn't think twice about it.
The next day I woke up with moderate pain in my arm where I landed and when I push lightly on the area I can feel a lump. It's been two days now and there is still no bruise but using my arm for anything even something as simple as typing causes it to hurt. It doesn't feel like a pulled muscle but I can't be sure. I did RICE to help with the pain and while it worked, I still don't know what I did to my upper arm. I work in the bakery department in a grocery store so I do have minor lifting and have to have my arms above my head.
Is there anything I can do so I can do my job? Will a tensor bandage help? Would Tylenol be a good idea?

Megan, sounds like you are doing all the right things. RICE is what doctors will advise. Also, Tylenol is good. You can also use ibuprofen products (Motrin, Aleve) IF you aren't allergic to aspirin. They will help too. Since you can feel a slight bump and you are having pain upon  movement that hasn't gone away I would strongly suggest you get a xray. I know its a hassle, because then you'd have to consult a dr, but if the pain is absolutely no better at all you could possibly be looking at a fracture. You don't always have to see a bruise for it to be broken, particularly on the arms and legs which are covered by layers of muscle. Also, you said the hit to the arm was not direct. Keep doing what you are doing, use the painkillers I've suggested, (only if you aren't allergic to aspirin), and if no better at all see about getting a dr to xray it. Wish I could give you better cheaper advice! I hope it improves.

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