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Joshua Cappuccilli wrote at 2013-07-24 20:33:32
The following statement is absolutely false:

If thyroid hormone supplementation is used, synthetic forms should be avoided, as ineffective.

The FDA as well as the VAST majority of Endocrinologists now agree on the effectiveness AND interchangeability of Synthroid and its generic formulation of levothyroxine with older formulations that were (mindbogglingly) considered bioequivalent event though they were made from bovine and porcine thyroid glands that were desicated and ground.  Synthroid had the same wrongful suspicion of being "the only effective option" when the generic levothyroxine came out onto the market.  That misconception has been broken down over the last few years.  It is 100% false that products like Synthroid and the generics thereof are ineffective.  It is simply no longer true that biologic agents are the best route.  This proves out for tens of thousands of patients who are on the forms mentioned above with successful therapy.

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