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thank you for being there and volunteering to share your knowledge and your time. it is most appreciated.

i am hoping you have a crystal ball, so you can tell me what i can do...i will try to be succinct, but i doubt i can...i have had headaches for a very long time...they occur in my right temple, last for sometimes two weeks, sudden [intense pain] onset and sudden abatement. i do remind myself how lucky i am that it will eventually abate and that i do not have chronic, unrelenting pain. now, however, in the last year or so, i have a pain in my neck [sometimes, i probably am!!!]. seriously, i have a pain that occurs in my neck, and it moves around the circumference of my neck, meaning it stays in one place for a while, then shifts or relocates to another part. and now, i have a new pain, in the cleavage area, a very painful, albeit dull ache internally. i have no idea whether any of this is related. but i am a person who has been blessed with good health and really never had pain before.[except the long standing, intermittent headaches] i do not even mind the pain if i knew it was not indicative of any serious malady.

thank you for taking the time to read this [i do apologize for my lack of berevity], and i would appreciate any insightful thoughts you would be willing to proffer.

Star Soma
Star Soma  
Hi, Sam,

Most headaches come from muscular contractions in the neck.

That fits your description.

Sometimes, headaches in the temple region come from tight jaw muscles.

Please see my write-up on headaches. |

The pain in the cleavage area is also likely of muscular origin.

Write, if you'd like advice on a course of action. |  

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