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I have been treated by the same doctor for about 1 year now for back pain, but I have been seen by another doctor before him for rougly 2 years as well.

Just recently they he gave me a work status report where my employer has asked me if the injury was permanent or temporary.

The doctor stated in writing that he was "uncertain to say, but might be permanent injury".  However, he told me personally that since it had been so long already that I have been dealing with the same problem that he was starting to think that it was permanent.

So, what exactly is he saying without being specific?

I want to apologize for not responding earlier. I became ill suddenly. I am so sorry.
If you want my honest opinion I think this doctor is not being direct; in other words "BS". Sorry to be so blunt, but I see this happening a lot when worker's comp or injuries are involved. Doctors don't want to take the blame for putting a patient on permanent disability. It sounds like you need some definitive tests such as CT scans, or maybe an MRI to rule out anything serious or long-term. Of course, those are expensive, so we get into a catch-22 there. You asked my opinion, so I'm giving it to you. I don't think the dr is being direct with you OR with your employer.

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