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My mother is a disabled 62 year old,she has suffered with chronic pain for 11 years due to back,hip and shoulder pain and surgeries,she's on Medicare and Medicaid,her doctor recently changed her pain medicine to oxycotin,her check is $500 monthly,the medicine is $260 for a two week supply,the Dr. refuses to give a PA number to the pharmacy so insurance will cover it,what is there that we can do,I can't watch her suffer but I also can't afford to pay this and neither can my mom,we are from Alabama,if that helps.

Hello, Georgia,

I'm providing some information, below, on a lower cost, highly effective alternative that will make oxycontin or other drugs unnecessary.

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What applies to back pain also applies to shoulder and hip pain -- as long as she still has cartilage in those joints.

That's your starting point.  

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