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I have had two major shoulder surgeries. One surgery was for a detached Rhomboid muscle and detached low Trapezeis muscle. The second surgery was for the same trap muscle that fell down again. The orthropedic surgeon told me it wont show up on a mri, a detached rhomboid muscle or low trap muscle. Also, I ask him if it could be showed on a ultrasound of the Rhomboid and Trap Muscle. He brushed off this questions. I have read much information from ultrasound that it is good at seeing torn muscles. I cant get a straight answer.I am in unbearable pain.  The question I have is if a Ultrasound will show a torn Rhomboid Muscle, and a torn lower Trapezius muscle, or any sign of these two muscle not in the correct place.   Thanks, Todd.

I'm sorry you feel the orthopedist brushed your question off. He should have been able to answer this easily for you. I will be honest with you, that I cannot properly answer your question, simply because I don't know that much about radiology, sonograms or MRIs. That is a little beyond my scope as a nurse. Please see if you can find someone in the area of "Radiology" or Orthopedics to ask. If you are unable to find a proper answer still, write back and I will do some research for you. I don't like to leave people "hanging", and I will help if you cannot find the answer otherwise.

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