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Dear Dr Tatiana
I have been suffering from neck pain on left side at the skull base and stiffness in left forehead above eyebrow and on the cheek for last 2 months. I have done
X-ray spine- Result normal.
MRI cervical spine-result focal myosistis/ strain on paraspinal semispinalis muscle on left side. spine normal.
My blood pressure is 130/85 blood sugar normal.
Blood test -normal.
Exercise 30 mins aerobic 5 times a week.
Age 50 yrs. On statin+ fenobrate for cholesterol.
My doctor has given me a drug of diclofenac+paracetamol and muscle relaxant. I do get temporary relief from this drug.I use soft neck collar to reduce strain on my neck.    I would like to know is this muscle strain causing stiffness in head and face?.I would like to know alternative therapies or exercises to reduce the muscle strain. Normally how long does it take to resolve this problem? I am worried that I may have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

Thank you
Best regards

Dear Anand,

It might be that the underlying reason is in your spinal nerve causeing both stifness and pain and muscle inflammation. From my personal experience I know that in many cases it is initiated by Herpes virus outbreak. To try sorting this out, take L-Lysin supplements, which prevents virus from propagation. Take 2 g. two times a day on day 1, then 1 g a day until you fell better. For neck relaxation, I strongly advice Tai Chi exercises, the slow style like Silk Reeling, available on My favorite series is here: Chen Style Silk Reeling Exercises #1: Neck Rotation but I recommend all  #1 to  #9 exercises <a href=">videos here</a>.

Finally, my usual advice for relaxation and non-pharmaceutical pain relief is Trying Mechanical Tactile Stimulation technique. To read about it, see Neuro-endocrinology of the skin, brain-skin axis and hormesis as possible mechanisms of therapeutic modalities using mechanical tactile stimulation (MTS) or ASHA therapy

Please don't hesitate asking me any further questions.

Tanya Zilberter

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