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Hello miss Nurse.

i went to the doctor finally and yesterday i got my test results. He tested lots of things, the ones i remember are cmp, cbc, hemoglobin, a1c, ths, folate.

The test results came back that everything was completely normal, except my b12 was on the low side (300) and that  was slightly anemic. He gave me b12 tabs that dissolve under my tongue. Unfortunately that was a 350 dollar visit and i don't feel satisfied.. do you have any other suggestions

Apparently you do not have insurance or either the insurance reimburses you later. Actually Kay, these charges seem about right to me. I know it doesn't seem fair because it is just a blood test, but there is a lot that goes on and analyzing our blood. You came out with the diagnosis of low B 12, and you were treated with sublingual B12 vitamins, which really is a good way of getting this into your body. An alternative would be for the doctor to bring you in weekly for the B12 injections. That would be very expensive itself. I'm not an advocate of high prices,and I think that our modern-day insurance is the reason that healthcare prices have skyrocketed, but given all of the lab test that you did have it sounds about right to me. I'm sorry my news isn't better for you. But let me say, that I low vitamin B12 level, if it is allowed to linger on, can cause a lot of different symptomatology, in many different areas of the body, not just an low energy and lethargy. So I hope I've helped, even though my news wasn't good. If you have any further questions please write back into me. And I do hope that you had the type of insurance that will reimburse you, because most of all of these tests are at least 80 to 90% reimbursable by insurance. If not, I understand. My husband has the type of insurance that does not reimburse, and I have seen his bills for blood tests to be in the $200-$300 range, So I know what you're talking about! Good luck, dear. Let me know if I can help you further.

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