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I'm a 24 year old woman and I am experiencing pretty much constant headaches - it's rare for me to have any day where I never get a headache. I tend to get them in different places but the most common are behind my eyes, the left hand side and the base of my skull. I've tried drinking a lot of water and it eases the symptoms but does not get rid of them completely, and it's made worse if I drink alcohol, eat chocolate or drink coffee. I am prone to hemiplegic migraines. I'm not sure if I should go to the doctors as I don't want to look like a worrier. Do you think it's something that needs looked at?


First of all, I sincerely apologize that you had such a long wait. Our policy is to answer within three days. However, my TEENAGER downloaded some things into the computer that gave it a virus, and we lost the use of it for days. We also lost a lot of important files. I am so sorry, though.

With the background you gave me, it sounds like you are a sufferer of migraines as well as other headaches. A neurologist would probably call these headaches "muscle contraction headaches" as they are caused by muscle tension in the back of your neck. That's not definitive; I'm just saying that is what it sounds like to me. You are doing all the right things by drinking lots of water, avoiding certain foods, etc. I think you should speak to a dr about it. Sometimes our doctors make referrals to neurologists for headaches, at least here in the US they do. You can be given a brief neuro exam to make sure there's nothing to worry about. They will check your eyes, pupils, neck, etc. I truly think it sounds like muscle tension headaches, and there are several good meds for those. But lets be safe rather than sorry, ok? Don't worry about sounding like a complainer; headaches are a very common complaint, and sometimes they can be indicative of a lesion or tumor, so doctors should never treat you like a worrier. Note that I'm NOT saying yours sounds like a growth, I'm just saying that headaches can mean lots of things... from tumors to eye strain. In the meantime, you can take combination over the counter meds like Excedrin or one of the tablets for headaches. They usually contain some amount of caffeine. I know that sounds like a paradox, but surprisingly caffeine actually is helpful for many types of "garden variety" headaches. But, please follow up with a doctor soon. I have headaches myself, and I know how they can wear you down!

Again, please accept my apology for the wait.  

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