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My girlfriend periodically gets these stabbing pains that she apparently has had for years now. She gets them randomly, out of no where. I hate to see her in pain. She said her mom who has it too. Her mom said it is because of a vitamin deficiency and her mom has these shakes that used to help her, but at school she has none. I do not think that is it because she has been eating better and they have been more frequent and worse. She has an issue with hospitals and doctors so she does not want to see a doctor. What might be causing this and is there anything I could do?

Hello Jon,

Without a proper diagnosis, I cannot be sure about the reason(s) for the pain. Looks like it can be neuralgic pain and this might be for mechanical or viral damage to the nerve. For example, the nerve can be pinched between two vertebra and, depending on the exact location, the pain can be felt in just about any place of the body. It often happens that the pain is due to Herpes virus outbreak. Almost all of us harbor this virus and if a person had chicken pox, it's for sure he or she does have the bug for the rest of their life. What can be done?

1. For spinal health, it is a must to keep it flexible any way - yoga, Pilates, gentle stretching, especially Tai Chi.

2. For Herpes management, take 2 grams of L-Lysin with the first symptoms, then 1 gram a day until the pain subsides. You can buy it at any place selling supplements and it is very inexpensive.

3. Try self-acupressure, search the Net for acupressure mat, or "The bed of nails" or something like that. Read about the science of the method at ASHA.

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