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Mr. Gold,
For several years I have had very small blue spots on my fingers, I've always thought they were broken blood vessels? On my right pointer finger, I've had 2, very close to the top two joints. Occasionally they have swollen just a bit but went down after a bit.  Recently it looks like the two have combined, and are now swollen, the size of a popcorn kernal, blue and painful.  If its nothing serious, I can handle it, its only annoying, but my kids are worried.  I have googled and searched but can't find any info.  Thank you for whatever answer or help you can give me.

Hi, Nia,

Blue spots sound like bruises -- broken blood vessels.

That could come from very tight muscles of the forearms and hands, which control the fingers and would compress the joints.  Educated guess.

If you want to pursue that line of approach, there are exercises to relieve that compression in the book, The Magic of Somatics (Somatic Education Exercises for Hands, Wrists, and Forearms) that are not found anywhere else. See  

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