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hello sir
         I am in stress right now as i heard that hrad injuries are very severe and can be proved fatal.
This is my story of when I was 17 about 10 years ago one guy hit me on head 2 times very severly on the top of the head,he was standing on bench i was standing on floor so he hits me on head 2 times and i feel like my head or brain is bouncing inside i got knocked out.
then for a week i have trouble breathing and have pain which becomes less as passing days
now i would like to tell you that now i dont have headache and memory loss problems but i have fear that i might have suffered some loss I never have any test of brain or head
please shed some light that is my stress valid or i have to take it easy


Dear Nishant,

Since after 17 years after your injury you don't have any troubling symptoms, I hope that if you even have had the injury, it's been compensated. However, I would advise you to make sure you pay attention to general measures for better brain health like proper diet, exercise and the like. You might want to read some advice at Brain Fuels, Energy for the Brain and/or Ageless brain and ask me any further questions.

Tanya Ziberter

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