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QUESTION: My girlfriend periodically gets these stabbing pains that she apparently has had for years now. She gets them randomly, out of no where. I hate to see her in pain. She said her mom who has it too. Her mom said it is because of a vitamin deficiency and her mom has these shakes that used to help her, but at school she has none. I do not think that is it because she has been eating better and they have been more frequent and worse. She has an issue with hospitals and doctors so she does not want to see a doctor. What might be causing this and is there anything I could do?

ANSWER: Hi, Jon,

It depends upon where the stabbing pains are. In any case, they are not hereditary and not due to vitamin deficiency. Usually, stabbing pains are muscle spasms. If a nutritional deficiency were involved, she would be getting them on both sides of the body in the same location -- or all over.

Here's a relevant article: -- which explains involuntary muscular contractions.

There is nothing YOU can do; there is something SHE can do -- but it depends upon the location of the pains.

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QUESTION: What can she do? Her pains are on her sides and abdomen.

If the pains are muscle spasms, somatic education exercises bring them under control, so they disappear.

See this page for an overview of the relevant program:

If the pains result from a twisted sacrum, the first step is to read the following entry for fit:

If it's a fit, she should send for the regimen by clicking the link at the bottom of the entry and sending the email window that opens.

I offer coaching options, should people desire coaching.

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