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QUESTION: Originally about 2 years ago I developed pain in the side of my feet. The pain started on the left side but about 4 months later the right side had the same pain. A year from the point of developing the pain and a 5 month unsuccessful course with a physical therapist, started feeling tingling in my ankles and eventually fasciculation in both calf muscles. The fasciculation is there everyday. It occasionally is in my feet and thighs, too. It does not seem to interfere too much with leg strength. Side notes: I am 21 years old. I am asthmatic. I occasionally have fasciculation in my right eyelid, too, as well as blurred vision in my right eye. I have mid to low back pain and occasionally hip pain. I was very very active when I first had the pain although the activity level has plumetted since getting it.

I would very much appreciate receiving any advice, diagnostic suggestions, and also, I am very confused about what type of doctor I should see. Maybe a neurologist with some sort of specialty?

ANSWER: Dear Benjamin,

Allow me to answer your questions in the order: most practical first:

1. The doctor to see would be a neurologist specializing in motor neuron disease.
2. It looks like your fasciculation may result from your asthma medication.
3. More direct reason may be magnesium deficiency.
4. Your Mg status is easy to check and - good news - may be easy to fix.

The problem with Mg supplementation is its limited availability when taken orally. The best way I know of is "magnesium oil", which in fact is just saturated solution of Mg chloride that can be applied through the skin. This, BTW, acts as a bronchodilator and as such may help in your asthma control.

As to the pain, I suggest that you try the mechanical tactile skin stimulation like dry brush massage or various "acu-mats" broadly available online, e.g., watch a video explanation.

Please let me know if you would like to have more practical information

Hope it helps,

Tanya Zilberter

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Any advice on how to administer the MgCl? A particular spot to put it on or how often I should use it?

Take 50 g MgCl2-6H2O salt and dissolve it in 100 ml of water. This supersaturated solution is called magnesium oil due to it oily texture. Aim at 1/4 ml twice a day. You might need a narrow syringe to be able to measure o.25 ml. Otherwise, measure any amount by volume you can and count the number of drops it contains. Prorate for 0.25 ml.

It does not matter where you apply, the effect is systemic.  A convenient way to apply is to the internal surface of your forearm. Rub it into the skin with the other forearm (do not use the palms to avoid losing some amount due to touching things) until it's absorbed, which is fast and easy. You may feel tingling but it subsides quickly and is not dangerous.

You might want to read this book for explanations and details. It's a free PDF download.  

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