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Respected Sirs
I am 66 years. I have some(little)knee pain(NOT MUCH),BUT HAVE GOT GOOD
PAIN IN TIBIA(Front bone in between knee and foot)and heavy calf muscle pain which aggravates
during walking.Leg veins are NOT PROMINENT,NO SWELLING ANYWHERE.
My body structure is lean,Weight-62 Kg,Height-5 Ft 8 inches

A)Although there is no pain sometime while bending the knees some crunching/creaking sound
comes.Whether the problem radiates to lower limbs from Knee
X Ray of knees (both legs(AP plus Lateral)shows EARLY OA CHANGES, BOTH KNEE JOINT SPACES
ARE SLIGHTLY DIMINISHED(not uncommon for a 66 year old man).Lateral Picture is ok
B)As the pain is in the lower portion(TIBIA and SHIN) to check whether there is less blood
flow in lower limbs(Peripheral Artery Disease. Doppler Ultrasonography of lower limbs was
done and the result shows
B)No evidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis,b)No soft tissue abnormality,BUT Diffuse
Artherosclerotic wall thickening of lower limb arteries,bur flow and velocity is NORMAL
C)TO CHECK WHETHER whether there is Muscle Dystrophy Creatine Phosphokinase Level in Blood was
measured and found to be high 253 instead of normal BELOW 171
D)As I am very fond of walking whether it be should be done,but for Knee Arthritis walking is
restricted.However as per advice I do Knee Exercise without STRAINING MUCH
E)I have no Sugar/Calcium /Potassium/Uric Acid/Creatinine /Urea level is normal
F)I only take BP medicines Attenol-25, Losartan-25 and Asprin-75 once daily each tablet and
Cholesterol lowering/controlling drugs(Statin )
With thanks

Since there was no evidence of deep vein thrombosis it appears that walking is alright for you. Carnitine is a good supplement to take. I would also suggest a calcium supplement with magnesium. you could also try some of the topical analgesics such as Aspercreme or Icy Hot (which does have a strong odor). I also like to use emu oil creams. They have no odor and are very effective against musculoskeletal pain. They come in all brands, like "Blue Emu" or the like. You were smart to rule out muscular or venous abnormalities which, thankfully, were normal.

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