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Pain in right side for 6 years just under right rib cage. Began as "stitch in side" two months post double TKA. Six months prior to double TKA, I had total replacement, left hip.

Pain actually began when while painting a room. Therapy, massage, injections, dry needling, pilates, muscle relaxers and many offers of pain pills, which are not helpful. Multiple doctors, pain specialists, etc. 11th rib removed, spinal cord stimulator, kidney cyst drained. Always made worse by walking and activities while standing. Usually stabbing, but also feeling of "creepy" pressure and sometimes a sensation that ribcage is too small. Alternates between feeling like a knife in my side to having a 12 point baby pushing on my ribs. Some days iliacus and lower abdomen feels uncomfortable and achy.

I am normally very active and energetic but this definitely affects my life. Although I have a very high pain tolerance, this is often a 5 or 6 on the pain scale. I would love to climb Pikes Peak wearing a sandwich board broadcasting my thanks to ANYONE who could figure out this mess before I die!! Hope you can help.

Hi, Karen,

It's called, "Trauma Reflex".  Here's the article that explains it:

Your whole right side is tight in reaction to the surgeries.

The unaddressed question is, Why did you come to need the surgeries, to begin with?  That causative condition was not (and cannot be) addressed by surgery.

Please see this article on knee pain:

For more, you may read the book, Somatics | ReAwakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health, by Thomas Hanna.

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