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I have a new partner who has lived with chronic back/neck pain for almost 2 decades. When he sleeps over, my mattress/bed leaves him in more pain the next day. Is there anything that I can do/buy to make sleeping at my cause less pain for him?

I searched online and I can't buy an expensive mattress but there seemed to be other things (pillows, toppers, wedges etc) that are more affordable. I don't know anything about any of this- I like my pillows and mattress to feel like a fluffy cloud! Can you recommend anything? Or combination of things that we can try?

Thank you!

Dear Kathy,

Usually, you are right, the mattresses for back/neck support ARE expensive. The generic advice is to use as firm a mattress as possible (but should still be comfortable), however, I personally prefer more radical solution: developing muscle 'corset', removing the decades-long tensions, and fighting inflammatory processes.

1. Pain relief is also a means to stop the vicious circle: tension-pain-inflammation-deformation. I happened to participate (1990s, North Carolina) in research on MTS - mechanical tactile stimulation of the skin as a drug-free, effectively relaxing technique for back and neck pain. Recently, German researchers confirmed MTS effectiveness for the device broadly available all over Amazon (search there for Shaktimat or the like) and is very inexpensive. For more information and references to peer reviews publications, take a look at (they might change the name but you'll find it anyway)

2. Curcumin (or Turmeric) works as strong natural anti-inflammatory phytochemical relieving pain even in the case or arthritis.

3. Please read my previous answer here - scroll down to the followup answer explaining the use of transdermal Mg supplement - it's a powerful anti-tension mineral.

4. A very good results for improving sleep with back/neck conditions are reported for Tai Chi (seems to be safer than yoga). It works wonders for me, I love the silk reeling technique. You might want to find the series of 9 exercises totaling 30 minutes at youtube:

I hope it helps, feel free asking any further questions

Tanya Zilberter  

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